Matt the Eagle Pirate!

It all started with one silly whiteboard drawing in tribute to one legendary man…

Matt the Pirate Eagle!

Matt the Pirate Eagle!

It took just one lunchtime to convert this into a piece of unfinished pixel art…

Matt the pixel eagle!and it ended, or at least plateaued, with a really stupid game knocked up as quickly as possible on a Saturday afternoon in Javascript / Canvas. Play Matt the Eagle Pirate!.

As you might tell we’re not quite done yet,  there just isn’t enough peril to keep Matt the Pirate Eagle occupied.  I also get the feeling that Matt the Eagle Pirate would appreciate a title screen, some screaming MIDI guitar to fly along to and his pixelated body to be finished!

Screen shot 2012-06-16 at 18.32.34

Well I can’t do everything at once Matt the Eagle Pirate! All dedicated to the high champ overlord Mr Matt “Pay Check” Hendry!


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