Sim Banker #0.1

Sim Banker

#0.1 indeed!  Sans animation, any real situational responsiveness or any buttons to press here is the first-est version of the sim banker game.

to drink & increase happiness
up to clean yourself up with the financial times
right to eat beluga caviar
down to invest in the stock markets

I’ll be implementing nice buttons for these at some point but these keypresses where nice and easy to implement for #0.1.

At the moment all actions cost 10 (thousand?) and investing is a simple game of chance with:

  • 1/6 chance of losing 20
  • 1/6 chance of losing 10
  • 3/6 chance of winning 20
  • 1/6 chance of winning 30

#0.2 will include responsive graphics with more rubbish / riches / pallidness / sadness depending on scores.  I also plan to replace the ugly text with pictures and ‘health’ bars.

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